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Minnie Mouse gets a star on the Walk of Fame

Bettina Baumann sh
January 22, 2018

Following in the footsteps of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck, Minnie is awarded her own star on Hollywood's famous boulevard after 90 years in show business. DW explains how Walk of Fame stars are awarded.

USA Minnie Mouse im Empire State Building
Image: Imago/ZUMA Press

With around 10 million visitors a year, the Walk of Fame is undeniably Hollywood's most famous boulevard. It is covered in over 2,500 stars, displaying in golden lettering the names of the best and brightest in showbiz.

The addition of Minnie's star on Monday will bring the final star count to 2,627. Stars will also be awarded to Katy Perry and the head of Disney, Bob Iger, according to the organizers. Minnie herself will also be in attendance — that's a condition for receiving a star in the first place.

What does it take to make it onto the Walk of Fame? Here are some of the requirements that must be met.

A star-studded history

Before the first star was placed on Hollywood Boulevard, there were many questions to be asked. What color should it be: brown and blue or maybe black and pink to fit in better with the cityscape? Which celebrities were worthy of an homage on the boulevard designed to "bring the glory of a city of whose name means glamour and excitement in the four corners of the world"? These questions were debated by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which still selects the new stars. Walt Disney was also part of the initial group.

The first prototypes were finished in 1958, with the intersection of Highland Avenue chosen as the location. In 1960, the actual construction of the Walk of Fame began. The first star was dedicated to the director Stanley Kramer. Then the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce drew eight names of the stars to be build next, and they included Olive Borden, Joanne Woodward and Burt Lancaster.

Just one year later, the Walk of Fame already had around 1,500 stars.

Still from film with Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift
Oscar-winner Burt Lancaster (center), shown here with Montgomery Clift (l.) and Frank Sinatra (r.), was one the first persons to be awarded a star on the Walk of FameImage: Imago/UPI Photo

The procedure

Anyone who wishes to receive a star must be nominated in writing. Stars are awarded in the categories of film, television, music and radio. Crucial to selection are professional achievements, a commitment to charitable work and at least five years' experience in show business.

According to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce committee responsible for star election, about 300 nominations are received each year. Around a 10th of those will ultimately receive a star. Essentially, anyone can nominate a celebrity, which at first glance, might not seem terribly difficult.

A form is available on the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce website, and the application must also include a brief biography of the potential honoree, which details their abilities and social merits, as well as a photo. In order for the proposal to be considered by the committee, the nominated person must also sign on the form — unless their management submits the nomination — and they must agree to appear in person for the award ceremony.

The Walk of Fame  in Hollywood. (picture-alliance)
The Walk of Fame is a leading tourist destination in HollywoodImage: picture-äalliance/G. Hellier/robertharding

A donation of $40,000 (around €33,000) to the Hollywood Historical Foundation is also a requirement. Half of the money will go towards taking care of the star, while the rest goes towards funding the ceremony. Most film studios shoulder the cost.

This year, nominations can be submitted until May 31. In June, a five-member selection committee will then decide who the 2019 stars will be.

The location

Once potential star-awardees have been selected by the committee, the search for the right place on the boulevard begins. This task is done by ceremony producer Ana Martinez. "I try to find a place on the boulevard for each honoree that has something to do with his or her roles," she told German newspaper FAZ nearly a year ago. For Farrah Fawcett, who was famous for her hairstyle, she chose a place in front of a hairdresser. Former 007 star Roger Moore received a star in front of address 7007.

Minnie's star is located in front of El Capitan Theater, part of the Disney empire where many of the studio's films are premiered.