Waiting for Germany: New government in sight? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 18.01.2018
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Waiting for Germany: New government in sight?

Germany is still struggling to come up with a new government after the inconclusive election in September, 2017. Will Chancellor Merkel manage to forge a coalition? Guests: Derek Scally (Irish Times), Andreas Kluth (Handelsblatt Global), Pascale Hugues (Le Point).

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Our guests: 

Andreas Kluth is editor in chief for Handelsblatt Global. He says: “Another grand coalition would alienate even more voters and put German democracy into a coma.” 


Derek Scally is a correspondent for the Irish Times. He says: "With this grand coalition agreement, Germany's Social Democrats have signed their own death warrant."


Pascale Hugues is an author and journalist for the French magazine “Le Point”. She says: "The European project needs the grand coalition. French president Emmanuel Macron is still waiting for an answer from Berlin."