Vaccine against COVID-19: Pandemic under control? | To the Point | DW | 19.11.2020
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To the Point

Vaccine against COVID-19: Pandemic under control?

After breakthroughs in developing a coronavirus vaccine: can the pandemic be brought under control? And who will profit? Our guests: Susanne Schreiber (German Ethics Council), Julia Fischer (science journalist), Tobias Kurth (epidemiologist).

Watch video 26:06


Professor Susanne Schreiber from the German Ethics Council, who says: "In theory, we know how best to distribute limited supplies of the vaccine. The real challenge is putting these ideas into practice."  




Julia Fischer, former doctor, now journalist and author. She believes: "The vaccine is a ray of hope. But tough times still lie ahead for all of us." 




Tobias Kurth, Professor for Public Health and Epidemiologe at Berlin's Charité hospital who argues that: "The news of an effective vaccine is good. But it should not distract from the many problems posed by the pandemic."