US: vigilantes against migrants | Reporter - On Location | DW | 01.06.2019
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US: vigilantes against migrants

Jim Benvie is the leader of a controversial armed vigilante group in the US. Heavily-armed members of this group go out every night to find and detain people crossing the border. Human rights organizations are outraged.

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Some of the armed vigilante groups in the US are accused by the media of having connections to the far right. The groups say that this is "fake news" and yet many members cover their faces and refuse to reveal their identities. The groups operate in a gray zone. They are allowed to carry weapons in New Mexico, but not to point it at people. But an assault rifle aimed at the ground also has a very intimidating impact. The groups are not allowed to arrest people. This is the task of the US Border Patrol. Officially, this latter does not work with the vigilantes. Unofficially, it is clear that they are cooperating. A report by Oliver Sallet.