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One dead after Typhoon Nanmadol hits Japan

September 19, 2022

The wild weather caused damage to buildings and farmland in Japan's southwestern island of Kyushu. Bullet train services in southern Japan were also cancelled.

Workers clearing a fallen tree off a road in Kumamato, Japan, on Monday
Several roads were closed after the storm hit the south of JapanImage: Kyodo/AP Photo/picture alliance

Typhoon Nanmadol pummeled Japan with rain and strong winds on Monday, leaving one person dead and hundreds of thousands without power in Kyushu on the country's southern tip.

A man in Miyazaki prefecture was found dead in his car after it sunk in water on a farm, said Yoshiharu Maeda, a local official in charge of disasters in the city of Miyakonojo.

Another person was reported missing after a cottage was caught in a landslide.

Although Typhoon Nanmadol weakened to a tropical storm after it made landfall late on Sunday night, it nevertheless damaged property and flooded farmland.

"We need to remain highly vigilant for heavy rains, gales, high waves and storm surges," an official from the Japanese Meteorological Agency said at a news conference.

Bullet trains suspended

Local media reported more than 60 other people were injured in the wild weather, including those who fell down in the rain or were hit by shards of glass. Tens of thousands of people spent the night in gymnasiums and other facilities as a precaution.

In Kagoshima city, a construction crane snapped in the wind and the window of a pachinko parlor was smashed.

The storm also saw bullet trains suspended in Kyushu on Monday, while Japan's two main airlines ANA and Japan Airlines cancelled around 600 flights.

About 340,000 households, most of them in Kyushu, were without electricity as of early Monday morning, according to government officials.

zc/wmr (AP, Reuters, AFP)