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Two men die of electric shock on German train

December 10, 2017

Two men have died in northeastern Germany after suffering electric shock on top of a train. The circumstances of the incident are under investigation.

Deutsche Bahn
Image: Imago/Westend61

The pair was on top of a stationary train in Wismar, a port city on the Baltic Sea, when they reportedly touched the high powered electrical cables overhead. The overhead cables are charged with up to 15,000 volts of electricity. The local Schweriner Volkszeitung (SVZ) newspaper reported that the incident took place while the train was parked at the Wismar railway station at roughly 2 a.m. local time (0100 UTC) on December 10.

A doctor pronounced the two men dead at the scene. Police said they were investigating the accident. In addition to local police, criminal state police were also seen at the scene, according to the SVZ, as well as an emergency management representative of Deutsche Bahn and the local fire brigade.

The victims' ages and personal details have not been disclosed.

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