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Turkey vs Greece: Is Erdogan willing to risk war?

September 3, 2020

Turkish President Erdogan’s foreign policy is growing more aggressive. Is a war between NATO allies over Mediterranean natural gas loomng? Our guests: Galip Dalay (Analyst), Yasemin Ergin (freelance Journalist), Cagri Özdemir (DW)

DW Sendung To The Point | Galip Dalay
Image: DW

Galip Dalay is an expert on turkish foreign policy. Currently he is a fellow at the Robert Bosch academy in Berlin. He says: „In this conflict Greece is utilising the language of international law and European solidarity, Turkey utilises the language of fair sharing of Mediterranean resources and coercive diplomacy.“ 

DW Sendung To The Point | Cagri Özdemir
Image: DW


Cagri Özdemir works for DW and is convinced: „Unlike Turkey's "adventurous" regional ambitions in recent years, its foreign policy regarding the Eastern Mediterranean is following its traditional line.“



DW Sendung To The Point | Yasemin Ergin
Image: DW

Yasemin Ergin is a freelance journalist from Hamburg and works mainly for the ARD-network. She says: Edogan’s hardline approach in the Eastern Mediterranean is part of his symbolic politics with which he tries to distract from domestic problems. In the current conflict he takes this strategy too far.“