Trump cartoons: When laughter is the only compensation left | Digital Culture | DW | 15.11.2016
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Digital Culture

Trump cartoons: When laughter is the only compensation left

Donald Trump's election last week has inspired at least one form of consolation for his opponents: satire. Social media finds comic relief with memes starring Vice-President Joe Biden as a Trump prankster.

A week after Donald Trump's election, the world is still trying to deal with the news that shocked his opponents. While some politicians rejoice, seeing him as a potential future ally, others are offering half-hearted congratulations or trying to establish diplomatic ties.

Through social media, humorous comments on the president-elect keep popping up. Trump's populist campaign and his unique appearance and style offer endless material to inspire cartoonists and satirists.

Since Trump's visit at the White House last Thursday, there's a meme that portrays Vice-President Joe Biden as a little kid plotting pranks against Donald Trump, while President Barack Obama takes on the role of the exasperated parent.

Here are some of the best #JoeBiden tweets.

Some imaginary conversations show Biden planning on hiding a pussy in a drawer, with a note advising Trump not to grab it. In this one, he mocks the president-elect's attitude towards Mexicans:

Obama never seems excited by his plans.

The whole (Twitter) world is laughing at Biden's sneaky sabotage plans in the White House, whether it's removing the batteries from all remote controls and cutting the cables, or setting up the Netflix account so it only shows porn.

Biden doesn't even want to let Trump into the White House. He gives him the wrong address, or teases him with an old trick: 

He also offers to "lose" the key to the Situation Room and provides the wrong instructions on how to control drones: 

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