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To the point - COVID-19 Pandemic: Should vaccination be compulsory?

November 25, 2021

Overloaded intensive care units and a rampaging virus. Scientists and politicians are warning of a ‘nationwide emergency.’ Should vaccination be compulsory to stop the fourth wave? Our guests: Alexander Kekulé (virologist), Susanne Schreiber (German Ethics Council), Kai Kupferschmidt (molecular biologist and science journalist)

TTP Alexander Kekule
Image: DW


Alexander Kekulé a virologist from the University of Halle thinks:  "A general vaccine mandate would not improve the present situation." 


TTP Kai Kupferschmidt
Image: DW



Kai Kupferschmidt, is a molecular biologist and science journalist: He believes: „Germany has neglected the hard work of public health that would have helped avoid mandatory vaccinations.“


TTP Susanne Schreiber
Image: DW


Susanne Schreiber from the german Ethics Coucil: “The German Ethics Council recommends mandatory vaccinations for care professions.”

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