This Town Ain′t Big Enough for Two of Us | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 23.11.2006

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This Town Ain't Big Enough for Two of Us

German traffic police booked a fake American cop they found driving down the autobahn -- possibly jealous because the public seemed to trust him more than them.

Would you ask this man for directions?

Would you ask this man for directions?

It was a scene straight out of the hit US TV show COPS: A Californian highway patrol car, cruising along nicely, the officer's arm comfortably propped out the window. Only it wasn't LA, it was the central German state of Hesse -- and local police were none too pleased to see their patch invaded. Especially by a fake.

The wannabe from Göttingen -- aka "T.J.Lazer" according to his badge -- was on his way to Bavaria to sell his genuine article 30-year-old patrol vehicle. When German police pulled him over, he told them he thought his outfit would impress the buyer. After all, who wouldn't buy a used car from a patrol officer?


Armed with a baton, handcuffs and a Smith & Wesson, he clearly cut a convincing figure. While being questioned by the German police at a motorway stop, he was asked for directions several times by passers-by -- who completely ignored the real officers.

They recovered from the snub in time to book the man for possessing a replica revolver without a license, having out-of-date registration plates -- and wearing a police uniform in public.

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