The world′s best airports | DW Travel | DW | 18.03.2016
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The world's best airports

Singapore's Changi Airport has been crowned the winner of the 2016 World Airport Awards. Germany's Munich Airport landed third.

Singapore's Changi Airport has been named the world's best airport for the fourth year in a row. Incheon International Airport in South Korea and Germany's Munich Airport retained their positions in second and third. The ranking was carried out by Skytrax, a London-based air travel consultancy firm.

Unsurprisingly, Munich Airport also topped the list of Best Airports in Europe. Skytrax praised Munich airport staff for their friendliness and competence. Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany, with over 150 shops and more than 50 restaurants. "It's like a city center, offering travelers and visitors plenty to see and do," Skytrax wrote.

Skytrax has been compiling the World Airport Awards annually since 1999. The firm says 13 million customers responded to this year's survey, which included 550 airports.

Top 10 in 2016

1. Singapore Changi Airport

2. Incheon International Airport

3. Munich Airport

4. Tokyo International Airport Haneda

5. Hong Kong International Airport

6. Central Japan International Airport

7. Zurich Airport

8. London Heathrow Airport

9. Kansai International Airport

10. Hamad International Airport Doha