The World of Narendra Modi - India′s Path to Global Power | Highlights | DW | 11.11.2021

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The World of Narendra Modi - India's Path to Global Power

Many consider Narendra Modi to be the new strong man on the international stage. The right-wing nationalist has steered India's fortunes since 2014.

He is the key player behind the new Indo-Pacific alliance against China.

"No power in the world can stop a country of 1.3 billion people. The 21st century will be India's century," Modi says. After six decades of the Nehru-Gandhi family’s rule, India watched a man of the people rise from the ranks of the opposition and ascend to power in 2014. Narendra Modi promised India a new beginning.  

And he knows just how to keep himself center stage: He is the world’s third most followed person on Twitter. Equally adept at playing dove-like pacifist and hawkish commander in chief, Modi has a score to settle with history. He wants to restore India to its original "purity" and secure its central role in the world order. In India, he is accused of wanting to transform the world's largest democracy into an anti-Muslim, anti-liberal Hindu state. 

His influence on international politics, as one the masterminds of the Indo-Pacific strategy against China, is inescapable. India has never been as powerful as it is today; domestically, it has never been as nationalistic and authoritarian. Who is Narendra Modi? What is the Hindu nationalist militia, from whose ranks he emerged? This is the story of a turning point - for India and for the world.

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