The virtual-reality roller coaster | Shift Videos | DW | 03.01.2017
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Shift Videos

The virtual-reality roller coaster

Germany's biggest amusement park has gone one bigger, enhancing its rides with virtual reality. The analogue roller coaster rides are now offered with head-mounted displays.

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The virtual-reality roller coaster

The Pegasus roller coaster in Europa Park in Rust, on the German-French border, is only 15 meters high and its maximum speed just sixty kilometers per hour. If you think this horse just doesn't fly, try on a head-mounted display for that added thrill. It creates the illusion of plunging through completely different worlds. Why invest millions in new roller coasters, when the existing ones can be digitally enhanced? The displays are connected to a control pack under the seat via Bluetooth. That synchronizes the video seen on the head-mounted display with the car's position on the track.  

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