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The Truth About: Drug Abuse across Africa

July 1, 2022

Drug abuse has risen across Africa for years. The World Health Organization says job losses and school closures increased drug use during and after the pandemic.

The 77 Percent  Magazine #120
Image: DW

The UN estimates by 2030 the number of drug users in Africa will have increased by 40 percent. Liz Shoo finds out the Truth About Drug Abuse in Africa.


The 77 Percent  Magazine #120
Image: DW

Heroin Addicts in Kenya’s coastal town  

Many seaside Kenyan towns have become hot spots of drug trafficking. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, communities are confronted with rising numbers of drug addicts. 77 Percent's own Edith Kimani investigates this worrying trend.


Image: Mathieu Herduin/PHOTOPQR/LA NOUVELLE REPUBLIQUE/picture alliance

Voxpops on Drugs

We hear from young Kenyans, Nigerians and South Africans on what legalizing marijuana means for medicinal use and the economic prospects.


The 77 Percent  Magazine #120
Image: DW

Lesotho’s cannabis becomes big business

Since marijuana made headlines for its use in cancer treatments, medicinal cannabis has been touted as the next big money-spinner in agriculture. The  mountain kingdom of Lesotho is set to cash in.


The 77 Percent  Magazine #120
Image: DW

Ethiopian fights plastic with jobs in Ethiopia

To counter ubiquitous plastic shopping bags, Ethiopian entrepreneur Kidist Tesfaye's company Tuba produces eco-friendly bags out of paper or fabrics. Tuba challenges pollution, and creates jobs in Addis Ababa.


The 77 Percent  Magazine #120
Image: DW

Tanzania’s martial arts actress

Agnes Kifaluka is pure power. She stars in action movies: a literal super hero. Hours in the gym and film shoots balance out with family time. 



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