The Philippines - Global Heroes | DocFilm | DW | 11.01.2016
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The Philippines - Global Heroes

Every year, one million young people enter the Philippine labor market. Many take jobs abroad, but more and more are now finding work in the booming capital of Manila.

08.01.2015 DW Doku Philippinen 04

Marnie Ganado has worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. She’s moving to Leipzig after completing a German-language course.

One in five families in the Philippines lives below the poverty line. To secure a better future, many Filipinos go abroad to work as nurses or as staff on cruise ships. While they’re earning money away from home, their children are raised by grandparents or other relatives. Around 10 million Filipinos are currently working out of the country. The money they send back home is a blessing to their families and the Philippine economy, because a third of the country’s population is unemployed.

08.01.2015 DW Doku Philippinen 01

Bonifacio Global City is Manila’s newest district. Many call centers are located in the modern high-rise estate.

Things are changing, however. The Philippines have surpassed India as the call center capital of the world. More than one million Filipinos provide services to primarily American companies. In office tower complexes in Manila, they work through the night, when it’s daytime in the USA. The industry is already bringing in almost as much to the economy as funds being sent home from abroad. Every day thousands of people pour into Manila from the provinces in the hope of finding a job and economic prosperity. The Philippines is on the threshold of becoming an industrialized country, hot on the heels of their Asian neighbors South Korea, Thailand and China. There may be no better place to observe globalization in action than in the Philippines.

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