The most popular sport emojis on Instagram | Shift-Ranking | DW | 24.08.2016
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The most popular sport emojis on Instagram

The Olympic Games are over but on Instagram the action continues.

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The most popular sport emojis on Instagram

At number five: American Football. It might not be an Olympic discipline, but it's HUGE on Instagram. The social media platform has analysed which sport emojis are used most frequently. The football appeared in 19 million posts in one year alone.

At number four: the basketball. The orange basketball emoji was posted nearly 26 million times.

The swimmer is at number three. It was US swimming legend Michael Phelps who made the swimmer emoji so popular. It made an appearance in any Instagram post relating to the greatest ever Olympian and has been used 30 million times. Bronze for the swimmer!

At number two: The football. The black and white emoji made 53 million appearances on the platform in one year. Enough for the final, but not enough to win the tournament.

Because at number one, it's the muscle! It stands not just for working out but for strength - and was used 287 million times.

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