The Last Witnesses: Return to Auschwitz | Reporter - On Location | DW | 09.05.2020
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The Last Witnesses: Return to Auschwitz

Lea Roth, Peter Somogyi and Alex Spilberg were deported to Auschwitz when they were children. Their families were exterminated, but they survived. Together with their descendants, they return to the grounds of the infamous death camp.

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All three of them attribute their survival to pure luck. Peter Somogyi, for example, had a twin brother, and was therefore interesting to the camp’s doctor, the infamous Josef Mengele, who conducted experiments on the twins. They all had to watch together as their families were sent to the gas chambers. It’s shocking to them that people still deny what transpired at Auschwitz. They want to encourage their children and grandchildren to take a stand when they encounter hate, exclusion and anti-Semitism. A report by Michaela Küfner.