The first reality soap over Snapchat | Shift Videos | DW | 01.11.2016
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Shift Videos

The first reality soap over Snapchat

"iam.serafina" is the first reality soap to be broadcast over the popular Snapchat image messaging service. For two weeks, user fans followed the fictional trials and tribulations of 19-year-old Serafina.

"iam.serafina" is a sort of digital diary made up of snapshots, handheld videos, photos and selfies in the typical Snapchat look. It tells the story of the Munich high-school graduate Serafina. But, much as with conventional television formats, the plot is scripted by writers. What's new and different is that it's communicated through short videos and snapshots posted apparently in real time on Snapchat. Viewers follow the action live and can even influence the action through their comments.