Texas youths killed in ′ambush′ at rap video shoot | News | DW | 28.12.2019
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Texas youths killed in 'ambush' at rap video shoot

A group of people was attacked near Houston while shooting a music video at a parking lot. Authorities said that a "lot of shots were fired" in the deadly attack, and asked any witnesses to come forward.

At least two people were killed and seven more injured in a drive-by shooting north of Houston, US authorities confirmed on Saturday. The incident took place while they were recording a music video.

All of the causalities appeared to be young Hispanics, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez was quoted as saying by Time magazine.

"We know it was a rap video that was being filmed out here, but beyond that, we don't know who the performers or who was involved in it, just that there was a large group out there," he said.

Houston crime scene (picture-alliance/AP Photo/Houston Chronicle/M. Philip)

The attack took place at a parking lot north of Houston

The group was gathered at a parking lot in a residential area "when, all of a sudden, basically they were ambushed," Gonzalez added.

"A lot of shots were fired," he said.

Gonzales said he cannot rule out the attack was gang-related but said the authorities still had no information on the motive or the suspects, according to the AP news agency. The authorities have asked any witnesses to come forward.

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