Terror attacks in Brussels - travel and safety | DW Travel | DW | 22.03.2016
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Terror attacks in Brussels - travel and safety

A series of bomb explosions at Brussels Airport and at a metro station in the city have led to the closure of the airport and interruptions of the train services. Here are some recommendations to travelers.

Brussels Airport, one of the busiest in Europe, has been evacuated after the explosions on Tuesday (22.03.2016). All flights are suspended. The airport will be closed also on Thursday and Friday.

One other explosion has taken place at the Maelbeek metro station in the city center. Roads are blocked and several other metro and overground stations in Brussels have been closed as a precaution. Now most of the train services are running normally again.

Germany's Foreign Office has set up a crisis unit that's advising travelers "to move around the city with increased awareness and vigilance." People should also avoid large crowds, adhere to instructions from the Belgian security forces and follow on-site media coverage to keep updated on the situation as it develops.

The National Security Council of Belgium has raised the terror alert for the whole country to level four, meaning further closures could follow.

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