Terrier Goes Nuts, Turns Man′s Crotch Into a Chew Toy | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 10.03.2006
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Terrier Goes Nuts, Turns Man's Crotch Into a Chew Toy

A man playing with his brother's dog found out to his pain and displeasure that big surprises can come in small packages when the Jack Russell terrier went for his crotch, almost severing his penis in a frenzied attack.


A Jack Russell with the right kind of ball

Daniel Dietmaier from Düren in western Germany was rushed to the local hospital where surgeon's battled to save the tattered organ. Luckily for Dietmaier -- or as lucky as any man can be after he has had his manhood chewed on by a manic hound -- the terrier failed to bite the appendage off and the doctors were able to save his penis.

After being released from hospital, Dietmaier was gracious enough not to insist on the dog's destruction but instead launched legal action against his brother's girlfriend who, he maintains, ordered the Jack Russell to go for the family jewels and then rolled around the floor in fits of hysterical laughter as he tried to beat the dog away while screaming in agony.

The incident is likely to be a bone of contention in the Dietmaier family for some time to come.

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