Teenagers hit the waves | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 09.11.2017
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Teenagers hit the waves

It's anchors away for a group of teens from Germany. They will spend a semester crossing the Atlantic - twice - not just to sail but to learn about the environment and ocean pollution.

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Global Ideas - Ocean College

A group of German teenagers have set sail on the trip of a lifetime. The 34 youngsters, aged between 15 to 18, get to spend the next six months on a boat, traveling from Europe to the Americas and back while learning not only about the  many countries they visit along the way, but about the environmental issues of our day, working on research projects related to microplastic and climate change.

As they steer their way through the waves, we will hear from them about their experiences of living in cramped conditions, continuing with their regular studies when their stomachs are churning, and learning to sail. We will also find out how their perception of our environment changes as they come face to face with the debris of contemporary society. They have many challenges and adventures ahead, the first of which was saying good-bye to their families and settling in onboard.


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