Take an Ego-Trip with Real-Time Videos | Shift - Living in the Digital Age | DW | 17.06.2013
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Take an Ego-Trip with Real-Time Videos

Across the world, manufacturers are developing glasses that promise an augmented digital reality. But what kind of reality will these devices actually create? Some experts fear they could lead users to become obsessed with cultivating unrealistically rosy self-images for others.

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Google’s video eyewear is currently in prototype and scheduled for market release in 2014. Called “Google Glass”, it’s a wearable computer that can take photos and videos from the perspective of the wearer, who can share them in real-time. It sounds intriguing, but experts warn of the negative impact of such rose-colored-glasses on forms of self-presentation, which could lead to distorted self-images and trigger envy among friends and other viewers.