Switzerland backs ′simplified naturalization′ for third-generation migrants | News | DW | 12.02.2017
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Switzerland backs 'simplified naturalization' for third-generation migrants

A measure to ease bureaucratic hurdles has passed with more than 60 percent, according to local media. Right-wing lawmakers said they were "alone against everyone" in rejecting the proposal.

Swiss voters on Sunday approved a measure to allow third-generation migrants to receive citizenship more easily, according to preliminary results.

The government, along with most lawmakers and political parties, supported the proposal for "simplified naturalization of third-generation immigrants."

The referendum passed with 60.4 percent of the vote, Swiss broadcaster SRF reported. Meeting the minimum requirement, at least 14 cantons voted in favor of the proposal, according to official results.

The proposal's success at the polls marked a major defeat for the right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP), the Alpine nation's largest party in parliament, known for its targeted campaigns attempting to vilify Islam.

'Alone against everyone'

SVP lawmaker Jean-Luc Addor said his party's supporters were "alone against everyone in this campaign."

"The problem of Islam, I'm afraid, it will catch up with us in a few years," Addor told Swiss public broadcaster RTS.

The measure lowers bureaucratic hurdles for approximately 25,000 third-generation immigrants under the age of 25.

Italians amount to nearly 60 percent of the group, with residents of Balkan and Turkish origin also making up the bulk of the remainder of those eligible for naturalization.

Meanwhile, a majority of Swiss voters also rejected the proposal on tax reform, bucking developed nations' trends which offer tax incentives to lure companies to their countries. Analysts say the proposal's failure will likely lead to higher overall tax rates.

ls/jlw (AFP, AP, dpa)

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