Stopping the logging | Global Ideas | DW | 06.04.2010
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Global Ideas

Stopping the logging

In Tanzania's Uluguru mountains, locals take charge of protecting their forests and biodiversity.

Project goal: Preserving the mountain forests, home to rare species and an important carbon sink
Project size: 1.5 million inhabitants in the region are to learn new concepts in using wood and cultivating land
Investment: Around 2.2 million euros by the German environment ministry
CO2 savings: the forest on the Uluguru Mountains stores more than 300 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare

Tanzania's forests need protection. Each year wooded areas in the eastern African nation shrink by 400,000 hectares due to deforestation and wildfires. The country isn't just losing an important carbon sink, its flora and fauna are drastically reduced as well. Now Tanzanians are being taught how to protect their forests and their climate through classes and special projects.

A film by Sascha Quaiser

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Reforestation in Tanzania

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