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Former circumciser Mariam Coulibaly displays the tools of her trade, a knife handed down to her by her mother and herbs to heal the wounds (c) AP Photo/Alexandra Zavis
Image: AP

Fighting FGM

Elizabeth Shoo
February 6, 2013

Over 130 million women worldwide have become victims of genital mutilation. Although many countries have strict laws that prohibit FGM, it's still difficult to put an end to this gruesome practice.


Between 130 and 150 million women worldwide have undergone genital mutilation. The practice is most common in Africa, in some countries in Asia and the Middle East, and among migrants from these areas. Cultural, religious and social factors cause families and communities hold on to this brutal procedure.

DW takes a closer look at the effects FGM has on its victims and at the ongoing efforts to stop it.

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