Statistics with bite | Plan B | DW | 22.04.2013
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Plan B

Statistics with bite

National debt, youth unemployment - the economic crisis has drastically worsened the situation in many countries. There are lots of statistics on the issue, but here we consider them from a different perspective.

Bicycles were never as popular in southern European countries as they were in northern Europe. But the crisis has changed that. In 2008, two million Spaniards cycled daily. During the crisis, that figure has risen drastically. In 2011, it was already up to three million. But the Spanish aren't yet as esthusiastic about bikes as the Germans. The cycling culture is firmly embedded in German society, where 15 percent of people ride on a daily basis.

Spain holds a tragic record: In the past few years, the country has had the highest unemployment rate in the entire eurozone. The percentage is only higher in Greece (since 2012). Over the past four years, the number of unemployed 15-to-24-year-olds in Spain has nearly doubled.

In terms of national debt, for a long time Spain was in a better position than Germany. In the meantime, Spain's national debt has more than doubled. In 2013, Spain's national debt - based on GDP - will overtake Germany's by 12 percent.