Star Cuisine | Made in Germany | DW | 25.06.2008
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Made in Germany

Star Cuisine

Berlin will soon have another elite address. Behind the Adlon Hotel they've built a gourmet temple with three sections: the Ma Chinese restaurant, the Uma Japanese restaurant and the Shochu cocktail bar.


MADE IN GERMANY Reporters Mabel Gundlach und Ute Schneider where there from the beginning – showcasing the development of the elite restaurant right up to its opening day and observe top chef Tim Raue and designer Markus Hilzinger as they get ready. The aim is exquisite cuisine and perfect interior design.

25.06.2008 DW-TV Journal Made in Germany MA1

Part 1

Would you know what to expect from what chefs call "Contemporary Chinese Fine Dining"? Well, Berliners are soon to find out – as a veritable temple of good taste is about to open its doors next to the Brandenburg Gate. The mouthwatering dream of young Michelin chef Tim Raue and designer Anne Maria Jadgfeld is to marry exquisite Asian cuisine with perfect interior design.

25.06.2008 DW-TV Journal Made in Germany MA2

Part 2

Last week, top chef Tim Raue and his designer partner Markus Hilzinger faced serious delays. They needed to wait for important design elements required for the interior of their new Asian gourmet temple. The 2000 year old grand horse they were waiting for, the Chinese Ma or Japanese Uma – is important because it's both symbol and namesake of their two restaurants.

25.06.2008 DW-TV Journal Made in Germany MA3

Part 3

Jade has been used in China for more than 5000 years . It's regarded as a symbol of the good, the beautiful and the precious. That's probably why Jade is also going to play a major role in the new gourmet restaurants – the Ma and the Uma. Designer Anne Maria Jadgfeld has her hands full. In a few days the first guest are expected to arrive – but not all jade panels are there yet...

20.06.2008 made in germany restaurant

Part 4

The day before the opening there's still much to do. The guests have been invited. How will it all go? Will the patrons like the new restaurant? By the grand opening everything must work / function – from the stove to the wardrobe of the waiters. Everybody hopes the grand opening will be a success and the exclusive asian gourmet temple will be well received.

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