South Africa: From Taxi Driver to Opera Star | Reporter - On Location | DW | 21.10.2019
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South Africa: From Taxi Driver to Opera Star

A viral video can change everything. Minza Mngoma from Durban in South Africa worked as a taxi driver, and he treated his guests to arias and songs. After a former rider videoed his singing and uploaded it online, his phone won’t stop ringing.

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He gets invitations to castings, offers from sponsors and performance bookings. And the offers sound promising. Menzi doesn't have professional voice training. But he already appears regularly in Durban's local music scene. Yet, so far his passion doesn't earn him that much money. Menzi has a family to feed. That's why his big dream is to break into the international music business. Can internet hype lay the foundation for a career? Adrian Kriesch reports.