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A red-haired woman (Sona Otajovicova) stands beside a large shrub and smiles into the camera
DW's Bratislava-based Slovakia correspondent Sona OtajovicovaImage: Privat

Sona Otajovicova

Bratislava-based Slovakia correspondent with special focus on politics, the environment and civil rights

Where does Slovakia belong on the geopolitical map? How does it deal with issues such as the war in Ukraine, immigration and foreign policy? Sona tries to find answers to all of these questions in her work.

Sona was born in the Slovak capital, Bratislava, where she gained a degree in Media and Communications. She continued her academic journey in London, where she got a Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing. She started out as a journalist in 2018, working for several Slovak internet platforms. In 2020, she became a broadcast journalist for Radio Slovakia, where she now also works as a presenter in the breaking news department. She has been working with Deutsche Welle since 2022.

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