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Solving a Stone Age Whodunnit

July 29, 2022

Researchers in the Spanish Pyrenees have come across a crime committed in the prehistoric era. Now they're using DNA, bone and tooth enamel as well as historical insights to solve the ancient case.

Steinzeit Krimi WDR
Image: WDR


Also on Tomorrow Today:


Hamburg Rechtsmedizin Obduktion einer Leiche
Image: picture-alliance/dpa

The time-of-death criminal mystery

Criminologists have a range of factors to consider when determining the time of death for humans. A number of things like insect activity, decomposition, temperature and location all have to be taken into account. 


Deutschland Umwelt l Braunkohle- Kraftwerk Niederaussem, NRW
Image: S.ZIese/blickwinkel/picture alliance

Climate threat and human activity

We're consuming more energy than ever before and endangering our own future in the process. What explains our hunger for energy, and how could the resulting damage be limited?


Riesenmammutbaum sequoia
Image: Colourbox

Just ask!

This week's Tomorrow Today viewer question comes from Carlos Andrade in Colombia: What kind of scale are humans on compared to the biggest and smallest things on the planet?




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