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Digital World

Social Media and the Election Campaigns

September 9, 2021

Germany's political parties are using social media more than ever before in their campaigns. SHIFT examines how the far-right instrumentalizes the platforms, what effect algorithms have, and the threat of disinformation.

SHIFT Screenshot Instagram
Image: instagram.com/deutsche.weltanschauung

How right-wing extremists are weaponizing Instagram

On Instagram, right-wing extremists use beautiful photos and subtle captions about home and tradition to lure new recruits. One young woman who used to be part of this scene explains how the process works.


FILE PHOTO: Facebook logo is seen in front of displayed binary code in this illustration picture

Facebook blocks algorithm research

Does the Instagram algorithm favor certain politicians or topics? The non-profit organization AlgorithmWatch launched a study to answer these questions. Once again, Facebook hindered the research.



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