Shorts: a hot trend on men at Paris Fashion Week | Lifestyle | DW | 26.06.2017
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Shorts: a hot trend on men at Paris Fashion Week

Dare to bare in shorts: one of the top trends at Men's Fashion Week in Paris also grabbed the media's attention last week, during a heatwave across Europe. Here are the styles that can be expected for summer 2018.

Last week, some 30 British schoolboys and a group of French bus drivers in the city of Nantes had something in common: they wore skirts to protest against the "no shorts" policy at their school or workplace. 

While above-the-knee trousers may not be admitted in every formal context yet, collections featured at the Paris Men's Fashion Week made clear that more trendsetters will be defiantly wearing shorts to the office next summer.

Most labels featured men's bare legs - such as Louis Vuitton's leather scuba shorts and jersey surf pants, Dries Van Noten formal and boxy shorts or Yohji Yamamoto three-quarter length scuba shorts. Some designers went daringly high: Loewe's micro-shorts were more like Speedo pouches. The Taiwanese Chiang and the Japanese label Facetasm also included kilts, tube shorts and culottes.

Bus drivers in Nantes wearing skirts (picture-alliance/dpa/E. Cabanas)

Bus drivers in Nantes went to work in skirts during the heatwave last week to claim the right to work in short pants

The skirt, which used to be worn by men in Europe in earlier times, might also make a comeback on men at the office in a not-so-distant future - this time as more than just a protest piece of clothing, as demonstrated by Thom Browne's collection.

His models were wearing suit jackets with skirts and high heels. "Why can't this be for men?" he told AFP on Sunday. "They almost look more masculine (in skirts) than if they were wearing just normal clothes."

Click through the gallery above to discover more of the hottest trends at the Men's Fashion Week in Paris.


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