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Saving Trees and Forests

May 20, 2021

Trees provide essential services - shade, food, habitats - and they are the lungs of the Earth. But they are disappearing at an alarming rate. There are people trying to save them, and we meet these tree guardians.

DW Eco India Sendung vom 21.05.2020 l Tree
Image: DW

Every tree counts in Delhi

It's not uncommon for trees to simply disappear in Delhi. Activists, there, are turning to censuses in a bid to save them. They provide a map of the trees and proof of their existence.



DW Eco India Sendung vom 21.05.2020 l Lithium 2
Image: DW

Mining Europe's lithium

Mining Europe's second biggest lithium deposit would give the entire continent the ability to power its own e-cars and other electronic devices. But the Spanish deposit, just outside the city of Cáceres, lies under a neighboring forest.


DW Eco India Sendung vom 21.05.2020 l Forest 2
Image: DW

The farmers fighting for India's forests

Deforestation is a bitter reality in today's world. In India's western Maharashtra region, a local organization has flipped the scenario - they are incentivizing farmers to plant trees and contribute to local forest cover.


DW Eco India Sendung vom 21.05.2020 l Hunting
Image: DW

Hunting for conservation in Germany's forests

Humans are not the only creatures on Earth who threaten trees - animals, too, can do some damage. So, what can be done? Forest rangers in Germany have turned to hunters to find answers.



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