Saving the animals! Australia after the fires | Reporter - On Location | DW | 01.02.2020
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Saving the animals! Australia after the fires

In the Australian village of Cobargo, Sara Tilling and her husband Gary had created a kind of paradise: a wildlife sanctuary for kangaroos. Then came the bushfires. Do they have the strength to start over again?

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Australia's wildlife needs help more urgently than ever. Any kangaroos that survived the fires are now struggling to find food in the burnt-down forests. Many animals are injured and need care. In the aftermath of the bushfires, Australia's wildlife is at high risk. Ecologists estimate around one billion mammals, reptiles and birds have been killed. And Cobargo, Gary and Sara Tilling's home town, was almost completely destroyed. How can they find the strength and the means to build a new home and help the surviving animals? A Report by Carola Grau.