Sarah Obama: ″He has to see his father′s grave″ | Africa | DW | 21.07.2015
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Sarah Obama: "He has to see his father's grave"

US President Barack Obama's grandmother is excited about her grandson's visit to Kenya later this week. She told DW about her special plans for Obama's stay.

DW: How do you feel given that your grandson will be visiting Kenya later this month?

Sarah Obama: I feel so good. He has roots here in Kenya and he is visiting all of us.

When he (Obama) visits Kenya, are there plans that he will make it to your home village of Kogelo?

Yes, he has to see his father’s grave…He will visit Kogelo. That is my request.

Is it official or it is your request?

He will come - that is my hope.

In case he visits, for how long will he stay there?

That is upon the government to decide. If he will be allowed to spend a night there, well and good.

You earlier said you have plans to slaughter him a chicken or a duck. Do you still have such plans?

Yes, he is my grandson.

What specifically will you slaughter for him?

Any food he wishes to eat, whether it is a chicken or a duck or a sheep. Even cow’s meat. We have everything for him.

What other plans do you have for your grandson Barack Obama?

He will visit schools, see his father’s grave and even visit other places in Kenya.

How has your life changed since he became president?

He has helped me, I am his grandmother.

Has he constructed a house for you?


Luo elders propose that a traditional house known as simba should be constructed for him when he comes. The plan is still on?

It is still on. Wait and see when he comes. It will be constructed on his father’s land.

What can you tell Kenyans and people all over the world listening to you in this DW interview?

(laughs) People of this country are so happy and looking forward to his visit. I would say if God allows him to come, it will be good. I love all the people in this world. All human beings.

Interview: Geoffrey Mung'ou

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