Sarah emigrates to Israel | Reporter - On Location | DW | 19.05.2018
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Sarah emigrates to Israel

Thousands of Jews emigrate to Israel each year - despite the country's high cost of living, and its precarious political situation. German national Sarah Fantl, who lost many relatives in the Holocaust, decided to move there as well.

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In 2015, Sarah Fantl visited Auschwitz, where she discovered her great-grandmother's suitcase. This triggered her decision to start a new life and to make Aliyah. She emigrated to Israel at the end of 2017 after quitting her job as a journalist. She moved into an apartment in Jerusalem and started learning Hebrew. Now, she's writing a book about her family's history. My great-grandmother's suitcase Sarah emigrates to Israel A special report by Tania Krämer and Miriam Dagan