Saddle of venison in a breadcrust on a bed of chanterelles a la creme and stuffed herb potatoes | Lamb and Game | DW | 17.08.2010
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Lamb and Game

Saddle of venison in a breadcrust on a bed of chanterelles a la creme and stuffed herb potatoes

Good, quality ingredients are part of Stefan Wollert's recipe for success. His "Restaurant am Peenetal in northeastern Germany opened one year ago. It's been called one of the best restaurants in the region by critics.


Recipe (Serves 4 people)


600g saddle of venison filets

1 loaf of white bread

Salt, pepper and venison seasoning

After removing the bones and sinews, season the filets with salt, pepper and wild game seasoning. Cut the white bread into thin slices and flatten with a rolling pin. Spread the meat filling (see below) directly onto the thinned slices of bread, top with the venison filets and roll tightly together. Wrap the rolls in cling film and twist off the sides so they stay firm. Chill for one hour. The meat and the paste will begin to really stick together during the chilling process. Now, remove the cling film from the saddle of venison and pan fry the meat until it turns golden brown. Remove the rolls from the pan and put into a 180-degree oven for about 12 minutes.

Meat filling:

150g venison

150ml heavy cream

1 egg white

Salt, pepper, seasoning

Chop the venison into small pieces or use a meat grinder to process it. Mix together with the cream and egg white, and season with salt, pepper and venison spices. Add a little Madeira wine to taste. Put the mixture into the freezer until it's lightly frozen. Transfer into a food processor and blend until the filling turns into a paste.

Stuffed potatoes

4 large waxy potatoes

300g floury potatoes

A mix of herbs (parsley, chives, chervil, sweet cicely, bronze fennel, wild garlic)

150ml milk

Cook the waxy potatoes in salt water with caraway seeds. Peel and halve them and scoop out the flesh. Now peel and the cook the floury potatoes and release the steam. Put them twice through a potato press and mix with hot milk, salt, pepper and the various herbs until you get a fine puree. Scoop the mixture into the waxy potato shells. Melt a little butter in broth and serve with the potatoes.

Chanterelles à la Crème

400g chanterelles

150ml whipped cream

Chopped parsley

Salt and pepper

Clean the chanterelles and fry in butter and oil and season with salt and pepper. Before the chanterelles are fully cooked, add the whipped cream and a little meat sauce as desired. Cook for a little longer, then add the chopped parsley and serve.

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