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Alondra de la Parra

Alondra de la Parra is an internationally renowned Mexican conductor and the host and protagonist of DW's series "Musica Maestra."

Alondra de la Parra became the music director of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra in 2017, making her Australia's first-ever principal conductor of a symphony orchestra. Also in 2017, de la Parra and DW launched the "Musica Maestra" video series, in which the conductor meets and interviews renowned musicians from around the world. Born in 1980, she grew up in Mexico City and New York, where she later studied piano and conducting. In 2003, de la Parra founded her own ensemble, the Mexican-American Orchestra, to promote Latin American musicians and composers. Since then, she has made appearances as a guest conductor with orchestras all over the world. She is also a UNICEF ambassador and a cultural ambassador of Mexico.

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