Restoration of Neuschwanstein Castle starts | DW Travel | DW | 06.10.2016
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Restoration of Neuschwanstein Castle starts

People from all over the world travel to Bavaria to see the King Ludwig II's fairy-tale castle. Now a major renovation project is underway to save the landmark structure.

The renovation project will take place in several stages. Scaffolding is already in place on the façade of the Gateway Building. Early next year, the renovation work on the façade and the roof is set to begin. This part of the project is due to be completed by autumn 2017. After that, scaffolding will be set up along the Neuschwansteinstraße retaining wall, between the castle forecourt and the Gateway Building.

The Bavarian state authorities in charge of the project say the renovation work will not interfere with public tours of the castle. The project is due to be completed by autumn 2018. The cost of renovating just the retaining wall and the Gateway Building will be about 900,000 euros (over $1 million).

The mountain climate and visitors have taken a toll on the castle

An estimated 1.5-million people visit Neuschwanstein every year. That makes it one of the most popular destinations of its kind in Europe. During the summer, more than 6,000 people visit rooms that were originally designed for just a few royals and their staff.

The tourist traffic and the penetration of light has damaged the unique furniture and fabrics. The castle authorities also have to keep a close watch on the structure's foundation, and the sheer rock walls on which it rests.

The mountain weather can be rough on the castle's limestone façade - and that, too, often requires repair work.

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