Report: More weapons gone missing from German military than previously assumed | News | DW | 20.05.2017
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Report: More weapons gone missing from German military than previously assumed

Reports suggest that several weapons of war have gone missing from the Bundeswehr depots in the past few years. The number of missing weapons is apparently higher than many had thought.

German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that the Bundeswehr had discovered numerous weapons had gone missing when it inventories stocks after target practice exercises.

The report said that in 2015, the Bundeswehr had lost three G36-type assault rifles, two G3 rifles, and one P8 pistol. In 2016, the Bundeswehr lost two G36-type assault rifles, one P8 pistol, and three flare guns.

The magazine said the information was obtained from the Ministry of Defense.

Sinister terror plans

Germany's Federal Prosecutor's Office is now investigating whether the theft of some of those weapons could be linked to first lieutenant Franco A., who is in custody under the suspicion of having planned several terror attacks.

In April, it was discovered that Franco A. had been living a double life, registering as a refugee and plotting terror attacks along with his alleged accomplice Maximilian T. on various high-profile targets in Germany. The two had apparently planned to blame the attacks on refugees, using the fake identity as a cover.

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen promised major reforms to the Bundeswehr after the revelations.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office is conducting a probe into the origins of two stolen G36-type assault rifles, one P8 pistol, two pieces of radio equipment, and 60 rounds of ammunition, which apparently all were stolen at the Bundeswehr facility in Munster in February when an armored vehicle there was broken into. It was later discovered that a service member with far-right sympathies and links to Franco A. and Maximilian T. had been stationed in Munster.

The investigation into Franco A. has already established that the suspected terror plotter had taken large rounds of ammunition from Bundeswehr stocks, presumably to use for terror attacks.

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