Raining money in Cologne: Charity campaigners give away thousands | News | DW | 19.06.2015
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Raining money in Cologne: Charity campaigners give away thousands

Cloudy with a chance of cash? That was the forecast at least in the western German city of Cologne on Friday. The spectacle was all part of a campaign to raise money to combat poverty, hunger and conflict.

Financial advisers Joachim Ackva and Daniela Tiben launched balloons carrying around 3,500 euros of the own money in the air on Friday, before letting the notes fall onto the city. Passersby were allowed to keep the five and 10-euro notes they caught, starting the weekend with a slightly fuller wallet.

The aim of the giveaway was to promote the concept of a "Gemeinschatskasse" or a "collective fund." Ackva and Tiben are calling on everyone to donate one thousandth of their assets to contribute towards fighting poverty, hunger and war.

Deutschland Geldregen in Köln Joachim Ackva

Passersby welcomed the five and 10-euro notes

"The world is one big apartment block and it needs one collective fund for its upkeep," Ackva said. "There are many people who are willing to do this."

Amid concerns that the "shower of money" could be misinterpreted, Ackva said the main aim of Friday's campaign was "to have fun" - with the joy of sharing at the foreground of the campaign.

Ackva previously distributed euros in the German cities of Berlin and Frankfurt as part of the same campaign.

ksb/sms (dpa)

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