Racism: How to heal the hurt? | To the Point | DW | 25.06.2020
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To the Point

Racism: How to heal the hurt?

After weeks of large-scale demonstrations against racism in the US and many other countries across the world, the violence and the discrimination remain in our societies. The question is: how to heal the hurt? Guests: Emilia Roig (CIJ), Mohamed Amjahid (Journalist), Brandon Keith Brown (Conductor)

Watch video 26:10


Emilia Roig, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Intersectional Justice. She says: “As long as there is racism in Germany, the word ‘race’ must not be removed from the Constitution, as some are proposing.” 



Also with us is Brandon Keith Brown. He’s a classical music conductor. He says: “Reflection on racism is only tolerated when People of Colour are murdered."




Mohamed Amjahid, author and journalist with Die ZEIT. He says: "Here in Germany, too, we must have no inhibitions in addressing problems of structural racism and above all police discrimination and brutality.”