Race for Golden and Silver Bears is still wide open | Film | DW | 19.02.2016
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Race for Golden and Silver Bears is still wide open

Berlinale jury president Meryl Streep and her six colleagues have their work cut out for them on Saturday evening. Which film will take home the coveted Golden Bear, and who will walk away with the Silver Bears?

Film festival lore has it that the jury always decides differently from the audience or the critics. Perhaps the actors, camera teams, producers and film distributors would come up with yet another choice - but, alas, it's all up to the jury.

Four of the seven jury members are actors, so conceivably, they might be swayed by acting skills - and there certainly has been no shortage of excellent actors and actresses in the films shown at the Berlin Film Festival.

Berlinale jury president and US actress Meryl Streep and her jury of six are set to announce the awards of the 66th Berlin Film Festival on Saturday evening.

The new edition of KINO is all about the Berlin Film Festival. We present runners-up and winners, check out the festival's music films and speak to cinematographer Michael Ballhaus - the recipient of the Berlinale's Honorary Golden Bear for lifetime achievement.

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