Preview: Drinking fog | eco@africa | DW | 09.06.2016
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Preview: Drinking fog

This week, eco@africa takes to a Moroccan mountain peak shrouded in fog, which turns out to be a whole lot more valuable than it might sound. Tune in to find out more.

How cool would it be if someone came up with a way to trap fog and turn it into drinking water? Turns out they have. It's called "CloudFisher". High up in Morocco's Anti-Atlas mountain range, one of the country's most arid regions, a group of smart thinkers have erected special nets which are conceived to catch fog as the wind blows it through. The result is a much needed boost to the local population's water supply. We think that's pretty amazing. Because it is.
This week on eco@africa, we will also explore green medicine, including a herbal malaria treatment that has secured its creator, Beninese Valentin Agon praise and awards, go sailing for plastic around Germany, learn about acid mine drainage (AMD) in South Africa, and even find out how to stay green in the after-life.
Five excellent and wholly green reasons to join us for this week for the latest edition of eco@africa.