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Powering planes with straw-based kerosene

June 10, 2022

Could straw be turned into fuel? The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is working to produce a straw-based aviation biofuel that could reduce harmful emissions.

Deutschland Strohballen liegen nach Getreideernte auf Stoppelfeld
Image: Rupert Oberhäuser/picture-alliance

The scientists say the fuel would even do away with the harmful vapor trails left by planes.

Also on Tomorrow Today:

Rakete, Shefex-Mission des DLR
Image: dpa

A new spaceport for Norway

Research rockets have been launched from the Norwegian island of Andøya for decades, in part to study the Northern Lights. But now a new spaceport is being built at the site, giving Norway access to the booming satellite industry.


Arktis-Eis untersucht vom Alfred Wegener Institut
Image: AWI/IceCam/Stefan Hendricks

When the jet stream weakens

The northern polar jet stream is weakening in strength as a result of climate change. That's causing the band of wind to sway off course. Meteorologist Marion Maturilli is carrying out research to understand the wide-ranging impact of this trend.


Ausgedörrter Boden
Image: Blanscape/Shutterstock.com

How do El Niño and La Niña come about?

This week's viewer question comes from Hernán Sarmiento in Argentina. He wants to know how the weather phenomena El Niño and La Niña come about.


Symbolfoto Klimaschutz-Schild und CO2-Verbotsschild vor Geldscheinen
Image: picture-alliance/Bildagentur-online/Ohde

Turning CO2 into fuel

How about making fuel out of CO2? With a little water and electricity added. Tim Böltken and his team say they've developed a synthetic fuel that makes use of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The group insists it's fully carbon neutral.



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