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Power struggle in Libya: Does peace have a chance?

January 24, 2020

That the German government was able to gather the key players in the Libya conflict in Berlin was already considered a success. But what will be the next step? Guests: Mirco Keilberth (Journalist), Alan Posener (Die Welt), Mona Hefni (DW)

DW Sendung To the Point Mirco Keilberth
Image: DW

Mirco Keilberth, an independent journalist who regularly reports from Northern Africa and has been based in both Libya and Tunis. He says: "To start a political dialogue, we need less focus on Haftar and al-Sarraj and more on the trauma caused by 42 years of Gaddafi. Otherwise, Libya is in danger of splitting." 


DW Sendung To the Point Alan Posener
Image: DW


Alan Posener, is political commentator for the daily newspaper "Die Welt". He says: "A weapons embargo when a legitimate government is being attacked by rebel power is wrong. Europe has betrayed the Libyan government and people." 


DW Sendung To the Point Mona Hefni
Image: DW


Mona Hefni works in DW’s arabic service. She says: "Agreeing to uphold an arms embargo will make no difference on the ground given the number of actors and interests."