PopXport - The German Music Magazine | PopXport | DW | 13.05.2016
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PopXport - The German Music Magazine

Bill Kaulitz has become Billy: PopXport goes to see Tokio Hotel's lead singer present his new solo project. Also, we give a listen to rising pop star Max Giesinger and the chanson-rockers Element of Crime.

The topics:

Billy - Tokio Hotel's singer goes solo

Can he survive outside of Tokio Hotel? Bill Kaulitz has just put out a mini-album and a coffee-table book. PopXport chatted with him about his solo forays, heartaches and past and present band.

Max Giesinger - rising pop star

From busker to casting show finalist to pop star - with his second album "Der Junge, der rennt" - the boy who runs - Max Giesinger has made his breakthrough. We chatted with the singer-songwriter in Hamburg.

Element of Crime - chanson-rockers on tour

The band started by singer and author Sven Regener has been on stage for over thirty years. As the open-air season gets underway, Element of Crime warmed up for their tour with a concert in Kiel.

HIT: Udo Lindenberg - Durch die schweren Zeiten

Udo Lindenberg's latest album is "Stärker als die Zeit" - stronger than time. And in just four days, it lived up to its name by going platinum - a nice present for the Krautrock legend's 70th birthday, coming up on May 17th.

TIP: Scooter - Mary Got No Lamb

Scooter is staying true to style. For single number 56, once again, the techno trio has combined familiar tunes and lyrics from well known songs with their own beats, punctuated by battle cries from their frontman H.P. Baxxter.

Classic: Trio - Da Da Da (1982)

Peter Behrens, former drummer of the New Wave band Trio, has died. He shot to fame in 1982 with the song "Da Da Da". The single sold around 13 million copies and landed Trio in the charts of 30 countries.