Playlist: 66 musical reasons to love the British | Music | DW | 22.06.2016
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Playlist: 66 musical reasons to love the British

Adele, The Beatles, Coldplay, Spice Girls. The whole world has music from Great Britain in their ears. Just ahead of the Brexit decision, we've compiled a playlist filled with musical treasures from the UK.

The Spice Girls holding a Union Jack flag, Copyright: Getty Images

Without the United Kingdom, the pop world would only be half as pretty

On Thursday (23.6.2016), Britons go to the polls to decide whether the country should remain part of the European Union.

The music editors at DW are hoping that the vote to stay outnumbers the vote for a Brexit, as there as so many good reasons to love the British. To celebrate Great Britain, we've compiled a #link: of 66 songs from top acts from the UK.

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