Peter Zudeick | All about those Germans | DW | 19.11.2012
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Those Germans

Peter Zudeick

Our columnist ponders existential questions such as: Why are Germans so frugal? Why can't they flirt? Sometimes, the answers can be found in the history books - and sometimes, they require some serious soul-searching.

Peter Zudeick, Foto: Karlheinz Schindler

Peter Zudeick

Peter Zudeick didn't follow the usual path into journalism. He grew up in Solingen close to Düsseldorf and first entered the working world as a policeman. He eventually gave up being a law enforcer to study philosophy, German literature, education and theater in Cologne.

Once he'd graduated he worked as a reporter for the daily regional newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger, the radio station SWF3 in Baden-Baden and as a correspondent in Bonn when it was still the German capital. In 1985 he began freelancing for various radio stations.

These days, he concentrates on politics, specializing in commentary, analysis and background. He's also a popular satirist and his 'Look at the Week' has become something of an institution. He's even released a CD featuring highlights from the show.

Peter Zudeick will be contributing to the DW project "Those Germans" with a column that takes an unflinching look at German identity.